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Hi, I'm Waver; I'm a hobbyist artist who enjoys creating and designing characters. I'm usually working on commissions or drawing OC from my project "Kaleido".
You can see that stuff on the never-ending WIP that is my toyhouse.

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Hi, I mostly draw OC stuff, but I also enjoy fan art and landscapes as well! My non-art hobbies include fighting games, PC building and reading/collecting manga. I'm not as talkative as I would like, but I am comfortable reading/answering asks through tumblr

// some of my interests //

Melty Blood / Tsukihime
Scarlet Nexus
Dungeon Meshi
Drifting Dragons
Tengoku Daimakyō
Monster hunter

// inspirations for my art //

tatsuya endotakeru kirishimagodbirdartnoronoripandashk

I have many OC, but here are some you'll find me drawing the most

I will warn: I may draw violent and venty shit. while not posted often, i can't account for everything that might be shown in my art, but know that I do not endorse behaviors that may display in my art or characters.
I am a mentally sick person and often use my art to heal.
Thank you to those who support me, it really means a lot.